Online reading and math programs

Last week, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations announced a partnership with school textbook publisher Pearson Education to create online reading and math courses. Officials representing Pearson and Gates stated that the new courses “video, interactive software, games, social media and other digital materials to present math lessons for kindergarten through 10th grade and English lessons for kindergarten through 12th grade.” applauds the initiative. Web-based education is instantly accessible to anyone with a computer and internet connection. This partnership can only help to bridge the gaps American children currently experience in math and reading.

Improve Your kids Writing

Creative Story writing will help your kids to improve their writing by using their imagination with a good story. The main aim is to keep your kids busy while you write and the added bonus is an allowing your children to use their imaginations may they not have considered before.
 Some times children may not give much important to creative writing. However, it is an important part of their education as creative writing will help to improve their English writing and imagination skill. The right creative writing activities can make creative writing more fun and appealing to children. There are all different types of creative writing activities that can help with various areas of the writing process.

Customizable Children Storybooks Review & Giveaway

I was recently offered the opportunity to review a great new book from a company called Little Write Brain.

Who We Are
Little Write Brain, Inc. is an award-winning publishing and education company that aims to cultivate the creative expression of young minds. Our fun and exciting online book creation tools can help instill a passion for reading, writing and storytelling in children.

How We Are Different

We offer the most personalized story books in the industry. All of our stories – the characters, the plot lines, and the illustrations – can be created and modified by children and their parents through our fun and easy-to-use proprietary online tools.

Our unique product enables every child to have the opportunity not only to star in his or her own storybook series, but also author and illustrate them. Only with Little Write Brain can children create storybooks about celebrating a family holiday, learning about science and ancient history, going on adventures with friends, and teaching their peers about the environment.

We are confident that this is the reason why so many families prefer Little Write Brain for education and entertainment. Children can take enormous pride in their creative effort. And, for parents, these books can serve as lovely mementos of their children’s proudest achievements in literature.
More benefits you will enjoy only at Little Write Brain:

BIRTHDAY BASH Review: Little Write Brain

It's no secret that we are a household of book lovers. Honestly, we are a household of children's book lovers. We do a lot of reading, however our picks are normally ones with pretty pictures and not too many words on a page.

I am always keeping a lookout for new titles to introduce into our collection. I like to keep things fresh and interesting for Raileigh. I was recently introduced to a fantastic company that helps children to create custom storybooks. This company is Little Write Brain. They aim to create a passion for reading, writing, and storytelling in children through the use of their online book creation tools. Little Write Brain offers the most customizable books that I have ever came across. You can edit the characters, the plot lines, and even the illustrations! The site is designed so that children can easily create a story on their own or with the help of a parent. It is such a rewarding experience for a child to be able to create and star in their own story.